Kernel Modifications

I used the rtl-11g-GPL kit for the Edimax 7206APg available at the Edimax Homepage.
I didn’t found a way to access the GPIO Register via a simple application, so I used a Kernel Driver to access the GPIO Register.

The following modifications must be done to use the Kernel Driver.

You have to add the lines to the specific files. I’ve done a symlink from linux-2.4.18-rtl to linux

DRIVERS-$(CONFIG_GPIO_RTL8186) += drivers/gpio/rtl8186/rtl_gpio.o
subdir-$(CONFIG_GPIO_RTL8186) += gpio/rtl8186
source drivers/gpio/rtl8186/

Now create the folder ./linux/drivers/gpio/rtl8186/ and place the attached files to it.

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